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Sheffield Wednesday safeguarding policy


Sheffield Wednesday's Child Protection Policy

Making Children Safe

Sheffield Wednesday Football Club believes that the general well being and welfare of all children and young persons, who are involved at the club in any way, is of paramount importance.

Therefore the club provides a safe setting for any child or young person under the age of 18. It encourages best practice in Child Protection matters in a spirit of partnership and openness with all children, their families and local agencies. This applies to people over 18 who fall into the category of vulnerable adults.

The club promotes the health, development and educational achievement of children and young people alongside football and sporting excellence. It recognises that children have a right to be protected regardless of age, gender, disability, culture, language, racial and ethnic origin or religion - which again applies to vulnerable adults.

How this is Achieved

- The club has a designated person in each of its main sections who are supported by the Club Safeguarding Officer (CSO) (Dee Ashton - email Any advised issue is referred to the safeguarding designated person or the Club Safeguarding Officer.

- There are detailed policies and procedures governing Child Protection at the Club - these include those listed below and copies of each one are available from the CSO on request:

- SWFC whistleblowing policy

- Parental consent for photography and imaging

- Anti Bullying Policy

- Children and young people attending matches

Each policy deals with promoting best practice including appropriate and sensitive procedures for investigating any concerns or allegations.

All potential staff and volunteers at Sheffield Wednesday Football club involved with children are checked as to their suitability to work with children. The procedures specified by The Football Association and Football League are followed closely along with those promoted by the local Safeguarding Children Board.

Those staff and volunteers working directly with children or training and supervising those doing so undergo a Criminal Records Check (DBS) which is a condition of employment

Further, staff and volunteers working at the Club regularly undergo training for the FA Safeguarding Children qualification and other relevant training.

Finally, please note that Sheffield Wednesday follow and fully support the work of the 'Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP).

This is summarised at the separate entry on the club's webpage, Safeguarding.

SWFC's full Safeguarding Policy can be found HERE.