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Owls Foundation results - week 31

27 July 2012

Winners from week 31

£500 Winner
Number Name
R1283 B Watson from Sheffield

£10 Winners
Number Name
B1277 D Rich from Retford
A1555 J Rigg from Doncaster
B2194 A Hardy from Baxters News
R2396 R Lockwood from Sheffield
S4137 J Gilbertson from Prestbury
A3137 D Bellamy from Barnsley
R3214 P Marshall from Sheffield
A3408 D Bullock from Nicholson News
A1377 S MacKenzie from Edinburgh
A1204 Mr Winslow from Baxters News

Match Tickets
Number Name
A0068 S Griffiths from Mansfield
A4559 G Mackay from Sheffield
A1495 D Biggin from Wiltshire
S1154 Dr Brown from Gainsborough
B3133 M Lomas from Sheffield
A3209 T Kirby from Sheffield
A0615 J Lee from Sheffield
A1842 S Bragger from Pontefract
S0953 A Osborne from Sheffield
R4107 R Bird from Sheffield

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