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Owls Foundation results - week 39

25 September 2012

£1,000 Winner

Number Name
A2338   D Watson from Rotherham

£500 Winner
Number Name
R4368   B Yeardley from Sheffield

£10 Winners
Number Name
A4429   M Gibbins from Sheffield
R4893   P Williams from Rotherham
S3428   T McGlioin from Rotherham
S4431   L Dickenson from Sheffield
B4322   S Jeffery from Rotherham
A3826   R Peters from Huddersfield
R1103   P Webb from Rotherham
S3440   M Copeland from Sheffield
B2311   G Athersych from Sheffield
A2481   L Brown from Sheffield

Number Name
R1266   C Burgin from Sheffield
A3929   C Short from Sheffield
B1555   M Wright from Doncaster

Match Tickets
Number Name
B0395   N Pond from Worksop
R1821   B Whitehead from Sheffield
A2307   R Waterhouse from Mexborough
R2345   M Pidgeon from Sheffield
R3971   A Steel from Clowne
B0735   A Hall from Sheffield
S1921   J Boyd from Sheffield
R3693   P Bradshaw from Barnsley
A2218   D Kelly from Barkers News
A0275   M Brewer from Rotherham

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