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Chairman's statement

12 August 2013

Milan Mandaric updated Owls fans on news from the boardroom in his programme notes for Saturday's game against Burnley. Here is the column in full:

As soon as the last season ended, the hard work at the club began in preparation for the new one. There is always a huge amount of work to be done over any summer and this one was no different.
As far as the club goes, of course I am aware of the speculation regarding potential new investors. Speculation can be unhelpful but when your club is Sheffield Wednesday, these things will happen. People can now see this is a huge club on a sound financial base with one owner and that will always attract attention.


What I can tell you is that yes, there is interest and as I have always said, I will continue to meet people who can potentially help us but there is nothing tangible at this time. This is a big club, a special club with special supporters who expect and deserve to be given information.  But there is nothing happening at the moment apart from interest and until that changes, I ask everyone to stick together as the one Sheffield Wednesday family.

Sheffield Wednesday is the supporters’ lives and I could never play with the emotions of so many people, it would not be fair and would not be right. I have to know that when I do sell this club, there are solid, achievable plans in place for tomorrow and not just today, with the right and proper people in charge. What is most important right now is that I am completely committed as your chairman - and as committed now as when I first arrived two and a half years ago.


Yes, I have pressure from my family and my business commitments but my heart and my mind is 100 per cent with Sheffield Wednesday. Whether I am here for another month, a year or five years, I will perform the way I always have done until the last second with honesty, dignity and complete dedication.

I love this club, I love the people here and we still have a long way to go - but we have also come a long way. We have built the foundations and have a strong infrastructure. It wasn’t so long ago that we were in League 1 but now we are a Championship club with much improved revenues across the board. This is a result of the complete rebuilding process from a position where Sheffield Wednesday was a club in crisis as recently as December 2010.


But this club is now financially strong, it is healthy and clean and I will ensure it remains that way. We must never forget the events of the past that threatened our future and while I am your chairman, we never will.


Moving forward, we must comply with the introduction of Financial Fair Play, as will every club in the Football League. I believe without question this is a step in the right direction because football will govern itself within set financial parameters, which can only be a positive move for the game.

I hope that you find these words informative and totally genuine because you have my word, as I have said so many times before, that everything I do is not in the best interests of your chairman but your club.



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