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Owls Foundation results - week 6

30 January 2014

Owls Foundation

£1,000 Winner
Number Name
B2767   K Green from Sheffield

£20 Winners
Number Name
A4348   K Cammock from Rotherham
A4769   G Coleman from Sheffield
S2458   R Smith from Sheffield
S2527   L Butterfield Worksop
R1190   D Leesley from Sheffield
A0645   S Chesham from Southport
R3291   C Cutts from Bedford
A0896   T Clare from Boston
A4597   S Hardman from Mexborough
S3045   G Clarke from Sheffield

Number Name
B1710   F Cooper from Rotherham
A4687   J Connealy from Sheffield
A1987   A Vickers from Sheffield

Match Tickets
Number Name
B4599   M Cooper from Sheffield
S3636   P Rhodes from Sheffield
R4856   G Wright from Scunthorpe
B4919   P Corcoran from Nottingham
A0905   C Handley from Sheffield
S1417   I Howsham from  Sheffield
R2022   V Gilligan from County Dublin
A1837   R Dawtry from Sheffield
S3219   M Foster from Rotherham
R4194   C Simonig from Sheffield

1,000 Winner
Number    Name
B2767    K Green from Sheffield

£20 Winners
Number    Name
A4348    K Cammock from Rotherham
A4769    G Coleman from Sheffield
S2458    R Smith from Sheffield
S2527    L Butterfield Worksop
R1190    D Leesley from Sheffield
A0645    S Chesham from Southport
R3291    C Cutts from Bedford
A0896    T Clare from Boston
A4597    S Hardman from Mexborough
S3045    G Clarke from Sheffield

Number    Name
B1710    F Cooper from Rotherham
A4687    J Connealy from Sheffield
A1987    A Vickers from Sheffield

Match Tickets
Number    Name
B4599    M Cooper from Sheffield
S3636    P Rhodes from Sheffield
R4856    G Wright from Scunthorpe
B4919    P Corcoran from Nottingham
A0905    C Handley from Sheffield
S1417    I Howsham from  Sheffield
R2022    V Gilligan from County Dublin
A1837    R Dawtry from Sheffield
S3219    M Foster from Rotherham
R4194    C Simonig from Sheffield

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