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Owls Foundation Week 31 results

14 July 2016

The Owls Foundation Week 31 results are as follows:

£1,000 Winner
Number    Name
B1974    P Fearn from Sheffield

£20 Winners
Number    Name
C3791    W Humphries from Sheffield
B1129    J Grant from Salisbury
B1361    J Thompson from Doncaster
C2436    D Beckett from Wombwell
R3449    M Storey from Geddington
S3982    R K Sutton from Chesterfield
C3880    J Bairstow from London
C3391    D Wilde from Dronfield Woodhouse
A0244    A Jessop from Sheffield
B3781    S Rodgers from Sheffield

Pairs of Match Tickets
Number    Name
R1167    P Deakin from Barnsley
D2770    T Cavanagh from Sheffield
R0110    R Ellis from Rotherham
A0511    J Flower from Rotherham
R2334    G B Harrison from Penistone
B1961    B Smith from Sheffield
C1679    J Clark from Sheffield
A3770    I Robertson from Peterborough
A3714    M West from Sheffield
A2232    P Aldridge from Hertfordshire

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