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Owls Foundation week 45 results

1 November 2016

The Owls Foundation Week 45

£1,000 Winner
Number Name
D4524 S E Bailey from West Worthing

£20 Winners
Number Name
R4585 D Sporne from Sheffield
C1956 C Corrie from Retford
A1036 L Jones from London
B1137 C Brearley from Rotherham
B2583 M Kay from Sheffield
C0784 T Holmes from Mansfield
C2759 P Rickett from Rotherham
A4094 D Dyer from Huddersfield
S4349 Mr Smith from Sheffield
R2735 Mr Cain from Altrincham

Pairs of Match Tickets
Number Name
B1785 L Fairbank from Sheffield
B4355 A Matthews from Sheffield
C4294 C Wilde from Antrim
C2915 P Wheway from Sheffield
R3911 D Winston from Edgware
C4123 N Havenhand from Holmesfield
S2187 Dr Brown from Gainsborough
B1315 K Dickinson from Sheffield
A2253 A Hunt from Rotherham
R0145 M Mowat from Sheffield

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