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The contrast of football!

27 September 2016

From conceding a last minute goal at Birmingham to scoring a stoppage time winner against Nottingham Forest goes someway to demonstrate the vast range of emotions attached to football.

While the Owls have won three of their four September fixtures, it hasn't been done the easy way, having fallen behind in all three.

But the character of the team has shone through and although the winning goals came late, they were worth the wait, as Carlos explained:

“This is football. You can be down in one minute and right back up in the space of a few days.

“The most important thing in football, and I have told you before, is the balance, people must be balanced.

“Don’t be too excited about the good things and under pressure when things are not in a good way.

“You must be balanced, the players and team have value and when the players and the team have value, you must give confidence and if they do a mistake, accept it is normal.

“We must accept mistakes, the same way we accept and understand they are very good players with very good abilities and they will help the team in the next days for sure.

“This is something the really good players have in their personalities, they deal very well with mistakes.

“You can’t be a top player if you don’t have this kind of personality.”

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