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Owls Foundation results week 25

12 June 2017

£1,000 Winner
Number Name
A3174 R Bingham from Sheffield

£20 Winners
Number Name
C0138 P Stevenson from Pollington
R2870 S Ireson from Essex
D4524 S Bailey from West Worthing
B0535 P Goodyear from Sheffield
B0851 L Odstrom from Sweden
S3157 C Mundy from Sheffield
A2088 J Hoing from Sheffield
B4373 J Mumford from Loughborough
A3305 C Allsop from Nottingham
B0621 P Harlow from Cockermouth

Pairs of Match Tickets
Number Name
B1390 M Rose from Barnsley
R2678 V Allen from Sheffield
D0204 G Robinson from Sheffield
S3400 B Foster from Ledbury
A3193 E Gabbitas from Barnsley
C2758 S Macdonald from Doncaster
A2130 J Dixon from Barnsley
B2365 T Whitehead from Highland
A2880 D Foster from Sheffield
A3686 P Speight from Salisbury

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