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Ask the chairman - part seven

13 November 2017

In today’s part of the chairman’s extensive Q&A with supporters, Mr Chansiri explains the club’s policy on the potential of players leaving Hillsborough.

Why does the club not sell players?

When I first came to Sheffield Wednesday, it was clear that the squad was not equipped to challenge for promotion as there was insufficient depth. We had good players but if we had injuries, suspension or a player was just out of form, we did not always have the right kind of quality to cover.

So moving forward, the strategy was and remains to have two players for each position in the squad. Looking at the squad we have now, this is something we feel we have achieved. It is also very important that Carlos has a lot of options and can also rest, rotate or cover players if he wishes to. We will not achieve this by selling players.

Even if we wanted to sell, that is something far from straightforward. Anyone who thinks selling, buying or even loaning a player is a simple process is mistaken. Any deal depends on a minimum of three parties - the two clubs and the player - and that is before the involvement of agents. All parties have to be satisfied, which is never easy and the reason why many transfers fall through.

It is simple for anyone to say ‘sell this player’ or ‘move that player on’ but in reality it is difficult. Take, for example, if the player and the club believe it would be in the interest of both parties for the player to find a new club whilst still under contract. Perhaps we try and reach a compromise agreement, or a deal whereby the player leaves by mutual consent. But even this is difficult if the player asks for a severance payment to leave despite having found a new club and a new contract, so he is actually earning double.

In any event, football is not like any other business. Generally, companies can release certain people who do not fit in for whatever reason, or who wish to leave of their own accord. In football this is not possible because of contracts. This is why recruitment is very important and I believe our strategy is correct. With the first team players we have, it is an excellent squad, with players challenging each other and good options for Carlos all over the pitch.

Many people say we have some of the best strikers in the Championship and that is because we have recruited well. When I arrived, we did not have the quality and number of strikers we have now and if you do not score the goals, you will not get promoted. We saw last season the need for strength in depth up front - and all over the pitch for that matter - when we suffered injuries and I believe with the quality and experience in our squad now, we are giving ourselves the best chance of promotion.

There is a certain kind of gamble with every stage of recruitment, in or out, but if one thing is certain it is that these days you must have a bigger squad than ever before with as much quality as possible. If we were to sell players, we would be going backwards and hindering our chances of reaching the Premier League.

Finally, it should also be noted that the recruitment strategy of Football League clubs has changed since the removal of the emergency loan window. This means we must ensure our squad is the best it can possibly be before the transfer window closes because after that there is no room for manoeuvre for some time. And like any club, if we did sell a player, we must replace with someone of at least the same quality and that can be a difficult task in itself.


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