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Ask the Chairman - part three

7 November 2017

Today Mr Chansiri takes questions on the internal management structure, stripes and the club crest:

You do not have a CEO in place at the moment. Is this something you will consider for the future?

Of course, like any part of the club, if any move benefits Sheffield Wednesday, then it would be something I would consider. But right now I am comfortable with the management structure, an in-house committee, in place. This, like all aspects of the club, is under ongoing review and could change at any time.

For now, we have managers at the head of every department who report to either the Chief Operating Officer or directly to myself, depending on the nature of the role. It is simple and straightforward and works well for everybody concerned. In the future perhaps I could introduce a Chief Executive Officer but any such appointment would have to be the right one for myself and my staff to help move the club forward.

I have seen certain things about my style of management which make me smile. Do I micro-manage? No, because otherwise there is no point in having department managers. Am I a pro-active chairman? Yes, because I care passionately and want the very best for our club. Do I have football people around me? Does anybody really believe a chairman of a club the size of Sheffield Wednesday, with the expertise required, would not have football people at his side?

I installed our finance director John Redgate onto the board who has much experience in the game. John helps look after the club whilst I am out of the UK. Elsewhere, there are many years of football experience in the office management structure, people who have the autonomy to make their own decisions for the good of their department and our club.

Sure, many decisions will require my input, which is completely normal as chairman. Just like recruitment, the significant financial decisions are mine as the owner of the club. But managers manage their departments, this is why they are here and this is why they are managers.

Can we all improve? Of course. Just like the team on the pitch can always improve, so can the team off the pitch. I expect continual improvement and progress from my staff because I want Sheffield Wednesday to be the most professional club possible.

Why did you decide to take the blue and white stripes from the kit?

I wished to introduce an iconic kit for our 150th anniversary and we went through many options, with our history always at the forefront of these discussions and designs. We could have had hoops, for example, we could have had halves, but this was not something I felt befitting for the anniversary year.

I wanted a simple but strong design which was also traditional to the club and the final selection I believe achieved this. This was the same last season and we achieved the best ever shirt sales our club has seen.

Of course, I appreciate the feedback of all our fans, some who prefer the stripes and some who prefer the current design and some who prefer something else completely different.

The design of the kit never pleases everybody, this is something I learned very quickly in football, but I had to make the decision and I think the current kit does look extremely strong and iconic to mark our historical anniversary.

I have never said I will not return to blue and white stripes and I have never said stripes represent bad luck in Thailand! What I have said and will always say is that I will never change tradition, I will always respect our history and I will never change the blue and white of Sheffield Wednesday.

Would you consider returning to the iconic crest of the 1970s, 80s and 90s?

It was important to me that while I wished to introduce a new crest to mark the new era of Sheffield Wednesday, it would maintain a nod to history. In a similar way to the kit, I have full respect for the traditions of our club.

The current crest is a modern take on the one produced but never worn by the first team in the 1950s. I believe this crest is strong, powerful and traditional and represents perfectly the new beginning since I bought Sheffield Wednesday.

This is the crest that symbolises Sheffield Wednesday for the present, for sure.

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