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Owls Foundation results week 44

19 October 2017

£1,000 Winner
Number Name
A4792 T Lavan from West Sussex

£20 Winners
Number Name
B0813 D Morris from Dronfield
R2002 E Jessop from Rotherham
C0515 D Bower from Burridge
B2031 S Clarke from Sheffield
A2819 R Hull from Sheffield
A4842 K Cooke from Sheffield
C3173 I Scott from Old Windsor
A1578 C Williams from Shrewsbury
B4061 J Simpson from Sheffield
B4439 K Hall from Sheffield

Pairs of Match Tickets
Number Name
B2279 M Taylor from Sheffield
D0906 K Tripp from Cheltenham
B2890 S Fisher from York
S4306 LD Garner from Sheffield
B4877 C Cooper from Sheffield
B2347 J Harper from Sheffield
D1825 P Mcquade from St Helens
A4542 H Beatson from Sheffield
A1072 R Taylor from Sheffield
S0684 J Gilbertson from Cheltenham

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