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Owls Foundaiton results week 24

31 May 2018

£1,000 Winner
Number Name
A2658 C Loy from Barnsley

£20 Winners
Number Name
A0830 J Ronksley from Sheffield
S1165 I Parkinson from Sheffield
R2935 A Watson from Sheffield
S3739 D Allen from Sheffield
B1288 P Ruther from Sheffield
S2234 A Cartledge from Rotherham
D4529 M Butcher from Rotherham
A1719 S Grimshaw from Doncaster
B2575 A Darker from Sheffield
C2376 A Anderson from Mansfield

Pairs of Match Tickets
Number Name
B3824 D Williams from Sheffield
C4418 J Chambers from Sheffield
C4112 M Biggs from Chesterfield
B0712 S Truelove from Barnsley
C4476 B Young from Wellingborough
B0865 P Herron from Sheffield
B4018 D Windle from Barnsley
D0577 J Bloom from Leeds
C1749 C Marsh from Sheffield
C0007 C Mace from Huddersfield

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