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Ticket News

Club 1867 update

5 February 2019

Ticket News

Club 1867 update

5 February 2019

The second strand of our Club 1867 membership was recently released and the Owls are reminding supporters that the deadline to purchase is next Monday, 11 February.

Club 1867 offers increased flexibility and more fantastic bonuses this time around, with fans able to commit to one, two, three, four or five-year periods.

At the heart is personal inclusion in a limited edition book by club photographer Steve Ellis charting his 45 years of shooting the Owls, while bonuses include a free Season Ticket should Wednesday achieve promotion to the Premier League. For example, one year of Club 1867 equates to one Season Ticket, two to two years and so on.

Significant year on year discounts on Season Tickets are also available for each year Wednesday stay in the Championship.

CLICK HERE for full details of Club 1867 membership and HERE for the answers to all your queries in the FAQs.

In the meantime, we have been talking to a range of Wednesdayites who have already made their purchase and here’s what they had to say:


What made you sign up to Club 1867?
A couple of things really. After 50 years of watching, Wednesday is my life and I see this as an opportunity to help as an investment. I would also be getting a good discount on my Season Ticket if we get promoted as I am buying at the current prices.
Do you think the scheme provides good value?

For me personally, yes. I am in a position to buy and see it as a good thing and also as an investment.
Do you have any messages for the fans?
Keep supporting and don’t feel left out if you can’t afford.

What made you sign up?

I wanted to be involved last time but it was too expensive for me over more years. But this time the flexibility allows me to purchase so it’s a good opportunity to try and help.

What are your thoughts on Club 1867?
Time will tell in the long term and hopefully we will be promoted to the Premier League soon.
Do you have any messages for the fans?
If you can afford it do it – we’re all in it together!
What made you sign up?
To support the club and support Mr Chansiri.
Do you think scheme is worth it?

I think it represents excellent value – discounts are good and is inflation proofing your Premier League Season Tickets as whenever it will be, my Premier League Season Tickets are already paid for now.
I contacted the club beforehand to clarify was the Season Ticket continuous upon promotion with no breaks should there be a change of division and once told no, it made my mind up and I then purchased.
Do you have any messages for the fans?
I would say join if you can afford it!
We also caught up with SWFC General Manager Alastair Wilson, who answers the most frequently asked questions in the Ticket Office.

He said: “I’ve spoken to a lot of supporters who were interested in the scheme and thought that they would only receive the Premier League Season Ticket if we gained promotion during the length of time they purchased for.  

“This is not the case - if you purchase a one-year Club 1867 membership you will get a Season Ticket once we get to the Premier League regardless of the year. It could be this season, next season or five seasons – whenever it is, you get the Season Ticket then.  
“The added bonus is that while the club remain in the Championship, those who commit will receive a discount on their Season Ticket each season until we are promoted. This will last until the time we are promoted. The savings made on that alone are more than would be accrued in a savings account.
“Another question was one that to be honest I don’t like to talk about! But some fans have asked, if I purchase a five-year Club 1867 membership and after two years in the Premier League we are relegated, do I have to wait until we next go up for my remaining years? The answer is no - once we are promoted the number of years you signed up for begin and these will remain until the final year of your membership, regardless of the division we are in.
“One fan asked, what’s the point, I’ll buy every season as and when. This is obviously great but I said if you can afford it I would strongly advise to do it – you are going to get a discount each season until we are promoted and then once we are, you have already purchased your Season Ticket at Championship rates and not Premier League prices.  
“Finally, I would echo what the fans who have already committed said, this is a great investment if you can afford it and you have the intention to a buy a Season Ticket each year - Club 1867 will save you money.”

CLICK HERE to sign up to Club 1867.

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