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Club 1867 FAQs

22 January 2019


Club 1867 FAQs

22 January 2019

In this easy to understand Q&A, we explain the key information on the new strand of Club 1867.

What is the new Club 1867 Scheme?

The opportunity for fans to have their name as a subscriber in the Hillsborough pictorial history. Once produced all contributors will receive a copy of the book, which will not be made available for general sale. The book will have additional features depending on the respective level of seasonal commitment.

What else will I receive if I subscribe to Club 1867?

Every supporter who joins will receive as part of the package a free Season Ticket, an incentive that comes to life as soon as Wednesday achieve promotion to the Premier League. Levels of available membership are based on stand location and duration of commitment.

Club 1867 subscribers will also receive a discount on future Season Tickets whilst the Owls remain in the Championship. Discounts range from 5% to 15% depending on the package selected and are also applicable to supporters already on Multi-Year Season Tickets.

All benefits save the Season Ticket will cease upon the club’s promotion to the Premier League.

Where can I purchase a Club 1867 Membership?

The Sheffield Wednesday Online Shop (LINK), in person at the Owls Ticket Office or by telephone on 03700 201867 (option 1).

How long do I have to purchase?

Purchases can be made until 11 February 2019.

Do I get any Ticket Priority Points?

If you purchase before 31 January 2019, 230 points will be issued per season for the duration of your membership. For example, one year subscribers will receive an additional 230 points for the 2019/20 season whilst five year subscribers will receive an additional 230 points for each campaign up to 2023/24.

I am not a Season Ticket holder, how will I benefit if I support the scheme?

You will still have your name included within the pictorial history book and once the club achieve promotion to the Premier League you will receive a free Season Ticket. If you are unable to use the Season Ticket please contact the club at the time. You could still benefit from discounted future Season Tickets - for more information please email: with contact details.

What payment options are available for Club 1867?

By cash, cheque, credit or debit card. We also have a 0% finance option available to spread the cost through four instalments on values of over £455. A deposit is required of a minimum 25% of the value. Final payment must be received by 25 May. Should any payments be outstanding by this date, membership will be cancelled with no refund.

Early Bird Season Tickets usually go on sale in February/March, what if I buy Club 1867 and the Owls achieve promotion?

You would receive a refund on your Season Ticket purchase or you can simply add an additional season to your Premier League Season Ticket. You would need to inform the club of which option you would prefer by 1 July in the year promotion is achieved.

I am a current Multi-Year Season Ticket holder, what if we achieve promotion before my ticket expires?

You would then receive the respective additional seasons to your Season Ticket.

I am an existing Multi-Year Season Ticket holder, how can I receive a discount on this or future years’ Season Tickets if we do not achieve promotion before my Multi-Year Season Ticket expires?

We will refund the equivalent discount. This will be based on the percentage of what you have already paid for that season (cost of Multi-Year Season Ticket/years of Multi-Year). You would need to apply for your refund at the Ticket Office.

Can I cancel my Club 1867?

Once purchased, there are no refunds available.

Can I transfer my Club 1867?

Memberships are non-transferable unless written permission is granted from the club under certain circumstances.

Why are there no children’s or disabled supporters age bands available?

This is specifically aimed towards the adult and over 65 age bands due to the uncertainty of the timing of the promotional season and the requirements for specific age-related concessions. All other bands could change due to changes in ages or personal circumstances.

What happens if the required number of Club 1867 sales is not achieved?

The scheme will be cancelled and all supporters registered will receive refunds.

What happens if the Owls do not achieve promotion?

The scheme and all associated benefits will roll over until promotion is achieved.

What happens if there is a change of ownership before promotion is achieved?

Any new owner would be contractually obliged to honour the scheme.

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