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Owls Foundation results - 5K draw!

25 June 2020

£5,000 Winner
Number Name
A1587 C Carmody from Doncaster

£1,000 Winner
Number Name
S1780 A Burgess from Maidenhead

£20 Winners
Number Name
A0291 R Hull from Sheffield
C1575 G Dean from Sheffield
A3508 B Wheeldon from Chesterfield
B1619 D McBride from Goole
A4752 J Hurst from Sheffield
S2277 A Fulford from Norfolk
R3456 D Woolley from Rotherham
B0287 N Marsh from Stoke on Trent
C2940 S Arno from Sheffield
R2928 D Flower from Llangollen

Pairs of Match Tickets
Number Name
A2598 S Lowe from Sheffield
R2964 J.P Sadler from Sheffield
A4483 T Hooker from Hampshire
A0836 G Sharp from Sheffield
B4774 D Sloboda from Sheffield
A4276 S Kirk from Sheffield
S3114 S Farnsworth from Chesterfield
C2403 T Brown from Hampshire
D2873 T Szwejkowski from Sheffield
A3239 C Mason from Sheffield

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