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Owls Foundation results week 21

7 May 2020

The Owls Foundation Week 21

£1,000 Winner

Number Name
B2087 C Reaney from Rotherham

£20 Winners

Number Name
B4704 A Hall from Sheffield
A3019 P Wood from Sheffield
D1399 T Ryall from Rotherham
A3627 S Reeve from Sheffield
B2637 S Bruce from Sheffield
A0066 L Kenning from Sheffield
R2902 P Owen from Chesterfield
R2043 P Rhodes from Sheffield
R3149 P Stothard from Sheffield
A0480 R Straw from Reading

Pairs of match tickets

Number Name
B4928 T Mansfield from Sheffield
B4737 J Kelly from Merseyside
D0942 M Bilham from Worksop
R1540 R Gibbon from Barwick
R2929 K Longden from Rotherham
S2789 M Foster from Rotherham
R3515 S Buckley from Sheffield
A2635 L Waddington from London
B2701 I Bennett from Sheffield
R3938 A Hackleton from Barnsley

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Please note, due to the ongoing situation, prizes will be forwarded in due course.

Thank you for your understanding.

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