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Owls Foundation results week four

6 January 2022

£1,000 Winner
Number Name
A3077 C Bann from Sheffield

£20 Winners
Number Name
R4653 M Sedgwick from Stratford on Avon
A1749 G Hewson from Lincoln
C1106 J Jackson from Sheffield
R4503 M Hoyland from Barnsley
A4975 D Stewart from Sheffield
C2572 J Fairbrother from West Sussex
D0987 C Searle from Sheffield
R0078 M Rudd from Scarborough
A4904 A Proctor from Brighton
B4834 N Speight from Barnsley

Pairs of Match Tickets
Number Name
A1486 G Upsall from Boston
R4395 R Scratchard from Goole
A1813 D Percival from Sheffield
R1000 J Longstaff from Sheffield
R2725 S Tomlinson from Sheffield
C1080 A Murray from Angus
S1214 R Eastell from Sheffield
B2016 I Matthews from Sheffield
R1247 B Gill from Rotherham
A3611 J Callaghan from Mansfield

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