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10-Year Season Ticket FAQs

In this easy to understand Q&A, we explain the key information regarding the 10-Year Season Ticket.

What is the 10-Year Season Ticket?

The 10-Year Season Ticket is an innovative offer that begins from the 2020/21 season. Whilst ever the club are outside of the Premier League the 10 years will not commence until the team are first promoted.  Thereafter, the 10 years then come into effect and continue until the end of the 10-year period, regardless of league status.

So it’s a 10-Year Season Ticket once the Owls are promoted to the Premier League?

Essentially yes, but with fantastic additional savings. The 10 years only start upon promotion, meaning any previous seasons are covered in the cost paid.

What if the club are not promoted in 10 years?

This makes no difference, there is no maximum to the numbers of years outside the Premier League. For example, if we achieve promotion in 15 years, those first 15 years are free and then the 10 years start to count down.

Do I pay more for seasons whilst we are not in the Premier League?

No, the seasons in the Championship are included in the package but the 10 years do not count down until promotion is first achieved.

What are the bonus years?

If we are promoted within the next five seasons, subscribers will receive further free years as follows:

Promoted in 2019/20 – five extra seasons (15 from promotion to the Premier League)

Promoted in 2020/21 – four extra seasons (14 from promotion to the Premier League, one in Championship)

Promoted in 2021/22 – three extra seasons (13 from promotion to the Premier League, two in Championship)

Promoted in 2022/23 -- two extra seasons (12 from promotion to the Premier League, three in Championship)

Promoted in 2023/24 - one extra season (11 from promotion to the Premier League, four in Championship))

Bonus years are additional to seasons prior to promotion already included in the price and no further fees are required.

What is the minimum number of years that could be included?

The minimum number is 15 years – should we achieve promotion prior to the end of 2023/24, subscribers will receive at least 15 years as part of the package.

Do I select my seat now?

No, you purchase your 10-Year Season Ticket and your supporter profile will recognise that you are a subscriber. While traditional Season Tickets are on sale you will have to the chance to claim your existing seat or select an available seat within your chosen stand. This process will follow each season.

Will I receive any other benefits?

All 10-Year Season Ticket holders will be classed as standard Season Ticket holders and will qualify for respective benefits accordingly.

Do I have to use the 10-Year Season Ticket myself?

No, you can transfer your ticket on a season by season basis with prior permission from the club.

Can I sell my seat back to the club for resale?

If you are unable to use your ticket, you can sell the respective year back to the club and we can sell on the seat. This will carry an administration fee depending on the area of the ground and the number of tickets sold back. Whilst in the Championship the price would be based on a 10th of the fee paid (eg £4,550/10 = £455) and in the Premier League, the cost will depend on the price at that time.

Can I buy more than one 10-Year Season Ticket?

Yes, you can buy as many as you like, which will allow you to take advantage of selling your seat back to the club each season should you wish to do so.

I have already purchased a Club 1867 Membership or a previous Multi-Year scheme but am still interested in buying? 

Existing packages are still active and cannot be refunded. However, you are still able to buy a 10-Year Season Ticket alongside your existing purchase and the tickets for the years already covered can either be transferred to another name or re-sold back to the club each season. There will be no administration fee for Multi-Year Season Ticket holders to sell their ticket back to the club.

Who is this offer applicable for?

Anybody can purchase a 10-Year Season Ticket either as an individual or a business. There is just one age band applicable which is the adult rate of Season Tickets only.

Why are there no concessions available?

This offer is specifically aimed towards the adult age bands due to the duration of the scheme and number of changes in age groups during the time of the offer.

How much is a 10-Year Season Ticket?

Cost is based on the 2020/21 Early Bird Season Ticket prices for 10 years:

Kop - £4,550
North/Grandstand - £5,550
South Stand - £6,400

You will receive a Season Ticket in the area of the stadium you select for the duration of the offer.

What payment options are available?
Cash, cheque or debit card. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer finance through our usual channels for this longer term Season Ticket or credit card payments. 

What will I receive when I purchase a 10-Year Season Ticket?
Your receipt of payment, which you should keep safe as this acts as your proof of purchase. Please ensure your email address is up to date on the SWFC system as receipts are also emailed. 

Can I cancel my 10-Year Season Ticket?

Once purchased, there are no refunds available.

Can I transfer the ownership of my 10-Year Season Ticket?

The 10-Year Season Ticket is non-transferable unless written permission is given from the club under certain circumstances. 

What happens if I pass away before the end of the 10-Year Season Ticket?

We can transfer the name of the 10-Year Season Ticket or offer a refund for the remaining years. The refund would be based on a standard 10-Year Season Ticket and the number of seasons already played regardless of league status.  

Where can I purchase a 10-Year Season Ticket?
In person at the Owls Megastore or by telephone on 03700 201867 (option 1).  As the Ticket Office is expected to busy during the Early Bird Season Ticket and 10-Year Season Ticket sales period, supporters can also email their daytime contact details and request to and a member of the ticketing team will be in touch.

Why is the offer limited and how long do I have to buy?

Due to the nature of this offer and the loss of revenue expected the club can only sell a specific number which will be available on a first come, first served basis. The offer will be withdrawn once maximum numbers are achieved, therefore supporters are advised to purchase as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

What happens if there is a change of ownership before or after promotion is achieved?

Any new owner would be contractually obliged to honour the 10-Year Season Ticket.

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