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2024/25 Season Ticket FAQs

In this easy-to-understand Q&A, we explain the key information on 2024/25 Season Tickets.

Who can buy a 2024/25 Season Ticket?

Season Tickets are currently available for renewals and new purchases.

Where can I buy a 2024/25 Season Ticket?

As the majority of Season Ticket payment methods are online, supporters can only purchase HERE (Link to site)

Those who wish to pay by cash, cheque or with Ticket Credits can do so at the Ticket Office (9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Saturday).

How do I renew my Season Ticket online? 

  • Visit:
  • Log in to your account (using the Client ID Number on the bottom left of your Season Card)
  • Once logged in go to the ‘Season Tickets’ tab
  • Select 'Season Ticket Renewal'
  • Highlight the box next to your name (and any others you wish to renew)
  • 'Renew my Season Ticket’ will appear on the right
  • Click that button and follow the on-screen instructions

Are there any booking fees? 

In line with our match tickets, there is a £1 booking fee per Season Ticket for online purchases.

I need help with my Season Ticket purchase, is there anyone who can oblige?

Ticket Office Staff are on hand to help with any queries supporters may have but we advise that the Ticket Office may be extremely busy during the current phases of sale and we will endeavour to deal with each query as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, please email your contact details and request to: and a member of the team will be back in touch when convenient.

Please note you must send your email prior to the deadlines stated below to ensure you are applicable for the relevant prices at the time of emailing. You will receive an automated response to acknowledge receipt.

Can I buy a Season Ticket if I am not a 2023/24 Season Ticket holder?


What are the deadlines?

Phase 1: Wednesday 7 February at 5.00pm in store and midnight online.

Phase 2: Thursday 22 February at 5:00pm in store and midnight online.

Phase 3: Friday 8 March at 5:00pm in store and midnight online.

What if our divisional status changes? 

These are the prices for the 2024/25 season irrespective of the division in which the Owls will play.

I have a 10-year Season Ticket, do I need to do anything?

No, the Ticket Office will automatically renew your seat after the current deadlines. You will see your seat is available to renew but please do not attempt to renew your seat yourself.

I have a Multi-Year Season Ticket that still includes 2024/25 and beyond, what do I do?

The majority of Multi-Year Season Tickets end during this current 2023/24 season so it is likely you need to renew your ticket as normal. Please remember that for the 2020/21 season, Multi-Year Season Ticket holders had credit added to their account so if not spent it is likely your credit on your account will cover the renewal.

For those that purchased a Five-Year Season Ticket in 2020, please do not renew, the Ticket Office will action the sale after the current deadlines. You will see your seat is available to renew but please do not attempt to renew your seat yourself. 

I can see that my seat is available to renew but have a Multi-Year/10-Year Season Ticket, why?

As above we will process these after the current deadlines, your seat will not be lost. Please do not take any action yourself.

My Multi-Year Season Ticket ends at the end of this season, what should I do?

You will have to purchase through the usual channels. Providing it has not been used yet on other fixtures, you may still have credit from the 2020/21 season which you can use for your Season Ticket.

What payment options are available?

Online: Credit and debit card via PayPal or V12 Finance. 

In store: Cash, cheque or Ticket Credit. 

Unfortunately, as PayPal is online only, we cannot accept card payments at the Ticket Office or by telephone.

What is PayPal?

Pay Pal is an online payment service that allows consumers to make credit or debit card purchases.  Supporters are advised to have a PayPal account before making their transaction to give more flexibility and security with your online payments.

If you have one already, simply sign in at the payment stage and if not sign up for an account at

How do I create a PayPal account?

We suggest you sign up for your PayPal account before you attempt to renew or purchase a Season Ticket. Visit and select sign up, select personal account and then get started. You will need to enter a valid email address and telephone number to sign up for an account. Please then follow the on-screen instructions to complete your registration. You also receive an email from PayPal asking you to confirm your email address.

I used to have a PayPal account but can’t remember my Log-In details?

There is an option to reset your password by answering the security questions you will have used when you set up the account.  If you are unable to answer these or the security telephone number is no longer valid we would suggest signing up with a different/new email address to avoid any issues.  

PayPal Support

If you are still struggling with your account, please visit this page for help on account issues:

Do I need a PayPal account to make the purchase?

No, you can check out as a guest by simply clicking pay with debit/credit card number.

What is V12 Finance?

We also have finance options available with V12 Retail Finance, payable over six or 10 months with an arrangement fee of 7.79% for six months or 10.17% for 10 months of the basket total, payable at the time of the first payment.

Supporters should note that credit checks are conducted during the application process for credit card purchases. The finance option is only available for online transactions.

What happens if I choose to pay via the finance option?

You need to complete your purchase online. Your application will be processed and an immediate decision will be made. To ensure the application is complete you must electronically sign the agreement during the transaction. Please note there is a time limit to complete the transaction and if not completed in time, the application will be cancelled.

When is the first payment taken?

The first payment including arrangement fee is taken 30 days after signing up.

What happens if I miss a payment?

V12 Retail Finance will contact you to arrange an alternative form of payment. If you are unable to pay within 14 days, your Season Ticket may be cancelled, and no refunds will be due. Your Season Ticket card cannot at this point be reactivated. Prior to this, our partners will always attempt to call and send a letter to advise that your payment has failed and how to make an alternative payment.

Can I pay off the amount borrowed at any time in full?

Yes. This can be done by contacting V12 Retail Finance to make the necessary arrangements. There is no charge for paying off any outstanding balance early.

Is the nine months interest-free option available for supporters with an Owls Mastercard?

Yes, fans will be able to benefit from nine-month 0% interest for all purchases over £260 using their Owls MasterCard.

What are the various cut-off points for concessionary tickets?


Children must be within the relevant age bracket (under 11 or under 17) by 10 August 2024.


Senior citizens must have reached their 65th birthday by 10 August 2024.

Supporters must be aged between 17 and 20 by 10 August 2024 to be eligible for the under 21 discount, or between 21 and 24 on the same date for the under 25 discount.

Other concessions

Full time students, Armed Forces and disabled supporters are eligible for our discounted concession Season Tickets.

Supporters purchasing a concession Season Ticket must remain in the category throughout the season as proof of concession will be subject to random checks on matchdays. If your status should change mid-season, you will need to visit the Ticket Office to upgrade your Season Ticket.

If a supporter who is a concession Season Ticket holder cannot prove eligibility at any requested time, that Season Ticket will be cancelled with no refund given.

What forms of ID do I need to claim my concessionary tickets?

You will be required to provide proof of eligibility in the form of one piece of photographic ID (i.e. passport, driving licence, bus pass, student offer confirmation) and confirmation of eligibility such as:

  • Age concessions - birth certificate
    • Armed Forces - current forces card or veterans card
    • Existing full time students - letter from your university/college confirming you are studying full time for the duration of the 2024/25 season.
    • Prospective full time students - offer letter from college or university stating your offer for the duration of the 2024/25 season.

If my circumstances change and I become eligible for a concession category, can I get a refund?

Season Tickets are non-refundable and as such no discounts will be given for supporters who change category. If you are likely to potentially change we would advise to wait until you know for sure.

How do I become verified for a concession Season Ticket?

Visit the Ticket Office with the relevant proof of concession as listed above.

Alternatively, email your proof of eligibility to: We will then amend your account so you can access concession prices online and in store. You will receive email confirmation once your account has been updated and you can then purchase your Season Ticket.

What are the Season Ticket prices for disabled supporters?

Ambulant disabled supporters will pay the applicable concession price in the respective stand. Wheelchair supporters housed within the North and West Stand disabled area will pay the Kop concession price.

Disabled supporters will continue to receive free entry for a carer if claiming mid to high rate Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for mobility and care, the enhanced daily rate for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or attendance allowance. Junior disabled supporters will pay the relevant junior concession prices for the respective stand.

How do I renew my disabled Season Ticket?

Disabled Season Tickets can be purchased from the Ticket Office at any time during our advertised opening hours. Renewals are also available to renew online. Proof of eligibility will be required before Season Cards are printed.  Please send proof of eligibility for a disabled Season Ticket to: making sure you include your Client ID number and name. 

How do I renew my carer online?

You must make sure that the carer is linked as a ‘close relationship’ at the Online Ticket Office. Please note a disabled ticket and carer are two individual seats which will be in the sales basket. If there are not two seats added to the basket, only one ticket will be renewed.

Why do I need to give proof if I have provided this before?

We ask to see proof of eligibility each season to ensure our records are up to date and only those applicable for a carer are issued with a carer Season Ticket. Each supporter in the disabled category must bring or send in the relative paperwork to ensure we can append your ticket account accordingly and release your Season Ticket.

What confirmation will I receive once I book my Season Ticket?

If you book online, you will receive email confirmation. Supporters who book in the Ticket Office will receive an email confirmation providing they provide an up-to-date email address and those who book by telephone will have your receipt sent via email.

Will I receive a new Season Card or should I continue to use my current card?

We recently invested and upgraded our turnstile access control system to allow for digital tickets as we aim to remove the use of plastic. We aim to go fully digital soon but for next season we will offer supporters two choices. 

A digital season ticket to be emailed in July 2024, there is no cost for this. 

Additionally, we will offer supporters a new physical card, there will be a £2.50 administration and postage charge for each booking (not ticket). Cards will be dispatched in July 2024.

If I can’t make a game, can someone else use my Season Ticket?

No, Season Tickets are non-transferable and must be used by the supporter named on the Season Card.

How many Ticket Priority Points will I receive?

All supporters who purchase a Season Ticket will receive 230 points by the start of the new season.

What if I lose my Season Ticket Card during the season?

You can get a replacement from the Ticket Office, subject to a £10 charge for lost cards.  Those who opt for a digital ticket should be able to find the original email to find their Season Card and avoid any need for reprint.

Can I change my seat?

Yes, you can change to any available seat now at no cost. Once your cards are printed there is a £10 charge to move seats. You cannot change seats online but will be able to do so at the Ticket Office.

I purchase for my family members, why can’t I use their credit at the time of purchase?

There are numerous supporters on many friends and family accounts and to ensure that only those that have credit use it themselves, the system is set to allow access only if logged in.

Therefore, you simply need to log in as the other members of your friends and family and purchase the Season Ticket individually for each person.

Will this always be the case that I can’t purchase Season Tickets together?

No, this is just because of the reasons mentioned above. You can still purchase together now but the credit used will be that of the main account. Unused credit can be used for future home ticket products.

Can I use my credit on other accounts?

No, these credits are to be used specifically by those to whom the credit applies.

I do not have their log-in details or have lost my current sign-in details?

Please email: along with the Client ID number and name and we will send that respective email address a link to set up a password.

COVID-19/other Issues that affect capacity 

What if social distancing returns in the future?

It may be that we have to alter the seating arrangements accordingly. All supporters will be notified should this be the case.

What if capacities are reduced and Season Ticket sales are higher than that capacity?

For any fixtures that are played with a reduced capacity, a ballot process will be required and only 2024/25 Season Ticket holders will be applicable to apply. Season Ticket holders who are successful in the ballot process may be subject to alternative seating arrangements in line with social distancing requirements. If any fixtures are played behind closed doors, the club will offer a full pro-rata ticket credit for the affected fixture(s) or a suitable alternative such as a live streaming service or partial credit where applicable (relative to the value of your Season Ticket). Any such compensation will be processed at the end of the season on to the Season Ticket holder’s account.

Season Ticket Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a Season Ticket you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of our Season Tickets.

To view these please CLICK HERE

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