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Ticket Priority Points FAQs

What is the Ticket PriorityScheme?

This is a scheme that will allow the club to track supporters who purchase tickets for home and away fixtures and allocate points based on their purchases.

Why have we introduced the scheme?

To allow supporters who attend matches on a regular basis a greater chance of being able to purchase tickets for high demand games where supply will exceed demand. Over recent seasons, this number of games has increased significantly and we feel the Ticket Priority Scheme is a fair way to distribute tickets in future.

Will Season Ticket Holders still have priority?

Yes, Season Ticket holders will maintain priority. For many games, points will not be required and Season Ticket holders will still benefit from first priority, as has been the case historically. When points are required, tickets for these games they will go on sale first to Season Ticket holders with the requisite number of points, followed by Season Ticket holders with zero points. Any remaining tickets will then be made available to Members with the requisite number of points and so on.

How will points be allocated?

Points will be allocated for home and away league and cup games and Season Tickets. They will be automatically added once tickets are purchased.

How many points will I get?

Supporters will be issued with the following points:

Home match tickets - 10 points

Away match tickets – 10 points

Home and away cup match tickets – 10 points

Season Tickets - 230 points

When will points be allocated?

Points will be allocated automatically – for example points for Season Ticket holders will be added at the time of purchase. Points will only be allocated to supporters who purchase tickets under their unique ID number. Points will be allocated from the Ticket Office, by telephone or online. Points will not be awarded for supporters who purchase their home or away tickets from the turnstiles at Hillsborough or an away ground.

Points will only be awarded once and in order to obtain points for each person in the booking, they must be booked under individual ID numbers.

How will I know how many points I have?

Supporter can see their points total when they log on to the online ticket system. Points can be seen in the ‘My Account’ tab under Ticket Priority Points. A full statement of how points have been allocated will be accessible.

How will supporters know how many points are required to attend a match?

If there is a game where the points system is required, the club will announce the full necessary details. There may be times when a supporter has the correct number of points to apply for tickets on a specific day but they still may be unsuccessful. In such an instance, however, the chance of being allocated a ticket is more likely as there will only be a specific amount of supporters applicable that day.

The number of points required will always be advertised on the ticket page of the club’s official website and will be shown on the ticketing website next to the relevant game.

What if I want to attend with a group of friends for a fixture with a very limited allocation?

We certainly do not want to prevent fans from attending games with friends and as already stated, not all games will carry the points system. However, when the Ticket Priority System is in place for a specific game and a family member or friend does not have enough points, supporters will either have to wait until they are on sale to the person with the least points or alternatively, supporters can purchase on their respective days. If they do become available for the person with the least points, the Ticket Office will try their utmost to swap the tickets and allocate them together.

Can I cancel tickets?

Yes, tickets can be cancelled in line with the club’s cancellation policy. As soon as the ticket is cancelled, the points allocated from that game will be automatically deducted.

What if I don’t have my friends/family member’s ID number at the time of purchase?

Points will only be allocated once to each customer (even if they purchase a series of tickets). In order to get points, tickets must be purchased under an individual ID number. The Ticket Office cannot retrospectively assign points once the transaction is complete. The club would recommend that supporters add Friends and Family within your account in advance.

I am trying to book tickets online but cannot allocate my friends to tickets?

You must make sure that your friends are within your Friends and Family lists. To add supporters to your list, log on to the online shop and under the ‘My Account’ tab is a section called Friends and Family. Click on here and you add your Friends and Family providing you know their Client ID number and postcode. You can also add new supporters to the database in this section. Once you have Friends and Family in your list you can allocate tickets to them.

I am a Season Ticket holder, what happens if I purchase additional tickets for home games?

You will receive zero points as you have already had the points assigned as part of your season ticket.

Will the loyalty points expire?

The points that fans accumulate will be on their accounts for two seasons. As the third season begins, points accumulated during the first season will be wiped. The points system will begin at the start of the 2012/13 season.

Below is a selection of scenraios on how/why certain points will be allocated:

Scenario 1

A Season Ticket Holder is booking three tickets for an away game for himself and two other Season Ticket holders which is on general sale. The tickets are booked online but allocated to his Client ID number only. Therefore the supporter will only receive 10 points rather than the 30 points three away tickets would generate. His friends would receive zero points.

Solution: The supporter should use the Friends and Family function on the ticketing website and allocate each ticket under each individual ID number. This method will ensure that all three of the supporters receive 10 points each. If the supporter then cancels a ticket, zero points will be removed, if he then cancels the next ticket, zero points will be removed, if he cancels the final ticket, then the 10 points will be removed.

Scenario 2

An Owls Member is booking tickets for a home game for himself and two sons who are both Junior Owls. The tickets are booked under each individual Client ID number.

Three tickets with three individual Client ID numbers would allocate 10 points to each Client ID.

Scenario 3

A supporter decides to come to the game and pay on the turnstiles for a home game. He would be allocated zero points as the ticket was not purchased at the Ticket Office, by telephone or online.

Scenario 4

A supporter purchases the next three home games which are on sale. They are all allocated to his own Client ID number. As each home game is worth 10 points the supporter would be allocated 30 points in total.

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